Is Trumpism Crumbling Already?


January 7th, 2019

19 mins 59 secs

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In the first official Bulwark podcast, editor-at-large Bill Kristol and executive editor Jonathan V. Last join host and editor-in-chief Charlie Sykes to discuss the future of conservatism, the fate of Trumpism, the weird political moment, and how The Bulwark fits into it all. Two years into the Trump administration, Trumpism has never compiled a dominant electoral coalition, and already Trump's enablers are scrambling to protect him from a primary challenger. What courage! Whatever comes after Trumpism, it won't be the same conservatism as the 1980s or even the 2000s. Someone needs to figure out where conservatism goes from here and hold those responsible for the rise of Trump to account: Welcome to the Bulwark Podcast.